The History of Griffith Farms
"Growing On and Off the Tree"

The Griffith brothers cultivating history began over 80 years ago. After a severe drought in the early 1930’s, Harry and John Griffith left their family farm in Kansas for sunny California. Starting with nothing but passion the Griffith Brothers have developed their desires into a fully integrated citrus business. Their distinct quality is known from their nursery (TreeSource), to their modern farming and harvesting operations (Griffith Farms), to their state-of-the-art packing facilities (Suntreat) which pack, market and sells the best citrus to the world. Harry and John began their California dream by digging ditches. They eventually received an education and learned basic carpentry skills. It was their uncle who introduced them to home building and thus began Griffith Bros.

  • With their profits they constructed hundreds of homes in Orange County. True to its name the counties land most suitable for development was planted with orange groves. While other developers would allow the trees to die and remove them, John and Harry continued to farm the land until subdividing was possible. Even after the building phase begun they would leave many trees in the back yards of homes.

  • Over time, the Griffith brothers returned to their farming roots and utilized profits from home building to acquire groves in the fertile San Joaquin Valley. Thus began Griffith Farms.
  • 1960‘s
  • In the early 1960's, the Griffith Brothers acquired partial ownership in the Suntreat packing facility located in Lindsay, California.
  • 1970‘s
  • After the death of John and Harry, their sons, Dennis and Dwight carried on the Griffiths legend for quality and excellence.

  • The opportunity presented itself to make a trade of approximately 30 acres of greatly appreciated land in Orange County for approximately 1000 acres in Woodlake to expand Griffith Farms.

  • Griffith Companies acquired sole ownership of the Suntreat packing facility.
  • TreeSource Nursery was founded by the Griffiths. With the creative management of Roger Smith, TreeSource has become the premier citrus nursery in California.
  • Today
  • With approximately 2300 acres of citrus property Griffith Farms has continued Growing On and Off the Tree.